Residential developmentWe are pleased to announce the re-start of our operations in Libya from the beginning of January 2012 and look forward to help rebuild a new Libya.

Optimum Alinmaa Development is one of the leading real estate developers and development managers in Libya.

Formed in 2009, Optimum Alinmaa Development (OPAD) is a French/Libyan partnership established in Tripoli to profitably deliver its own and its clients’ commercial real estate projects in a manner which will enhance the environment for the community in a sustainable manner.

The new Libya’s property needs are many and varied and OPAD’s multi-national team, based in Tripoli, can provide the services that enable investors and real estate users to realise their ambitions.

OPAD is involved in developing residential, office, leisure, hotel, hospitals, public buildings, distribution and retail properties in Tripoli, Benghazi and elsewhere.

Our developments are carefully researched to ensure that they meet the needs of our end users and we partner with leading designers and builders to deliver real estate of the highest quality and best value for money.